Guys, just a thought, did you really think people talked about prices are seeking FREE stuffs?

Come On~~~ cracked ALWAYS FREE versions are out there since 1.x ~ 4.x, it never stop to be cracked, if these guys are so shamed only want everything free, they won’t be here.

So, Stop insulting others, okay?

In the licenses comparison page, you can see difference between current 2 versions, there are only 3 questions will be critical.

First, I believe many INDIES will need only more 2 or 3 functions of PRO, and they are just very BASIC needs for an App, such as SMALL SIZE of build, BASIC performance of BASIC functions. In this situation, INDIES must to pay 100% price for about 5% ~ 10% need. INDIES here just want to ask some different case to pay for these 5% ~ 10% needs of PRO. How come you guys can NOT stop insulting this?

And stop those RICH MAN thought! A PRO + iOS + Android version price is all 1 guy’s need for living 1 SEASON even more than (3 ~ 4 months) in other places on the planet. Maybe they can get loan for 1 or twice time for 1 SEASON foods, bills, house rent, medical care…. but, every 2 years again? Even can not get rid off from last loan.

If you think “POOR guys must DIE”, please just say it out if you dare, but don’t insult them.

Second, buying a PRO and skipping 1 or 2 versions will be a possible case, but that could work only the situation on MAC / PC platforms. APPLE don’t let you do this on iOS devices!

I have tried that thing after I bought previous PRO JUST BEFORE 2 months ago from the release news of 3.x. But when the APPLE keeps updating their OSX, iOS, XCode, older U3D will fail to build any APP out for new XCode, and APPLE will ask developers to stop using older XCode later or you will get a REJECTION. It always happened at the time on newer U3D just released and U3D JUST STOP SUPPORTING older U3D version. (coincident?)

And you know iOS version must pay TWICE PRO, not ONCE!

Third, those developers have to pay the same price to get PRO from the date it just release to the last date before next version, that’s fine for iPhones, Computers, or some other things in real life. Because you will got support as long as others, and your devices won’t stop work so soon if you use it discreetly.


As I said, U3D stop working and got supported if new XCode had been released.

If other licenses have no such problems, it’s okay with current selling strategy, but at least, please adjust the iOS part.

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