No dev kit. No NDAs. No fees. No waiting. No hassle. Just register quickly with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) and you too can take games to PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) with our free PlayStation®Mobile (Unity for PSM) build option!

If you’re not familiar with PSM, it’s a software framework used to provide downloadable content to PS Vita. The huge advantage in deploying to PSM is that there’s no need to acquire a PS Vita Dev Kit and clear all the associated hurdles to deploy to PS Vita.

What can I do with the Unity for PSM build option?

We’re confident that the Unity for PSM public preview build is reasonably stable and that you can deploy your existing mobile content to PSM without too much pain or effort right away. Please remember, however, that at this stage it is a beta product, and that you can’t publish to PlayStation®Store just yet.

How does the PSM build option differ from Unity’s existing PS Vita deployment?

Unlike the new PSM technology, Unity’s existing PS Vita build option gives you full native access to PS Vita as well as full access to PSN. As part of your dev kit, you also get a comprehensive suite of performance and native debugging tools, Visual Studio integration and Razor CPU/GPU performance tools.

Why PS Vita?

Amongst other things, making a PS Vita game is an easy way to cut your teeth on console development and become familiar with PlayStation® controls and conventions.

Porting existing mobile games is extremely easy – with a little work adding the dual analog stick controller inputs you’re there. Of course, the fact that PS Vita comes with PlayStation® controls means you can also use it as a platform to create new and exciting console games from the ground up!

How can I get it?

As of yet, the Unity for PSM build option hasn’t been integrated with the Unity product cycle. You can download a dedicated version of the Unity engine with the PSM build option here – note that due to restrictions on this platform, the PSM build is only available in the Windows version of Unity. Don’t forget to check our PSM forum thread if you have any questions.

Is the PSM build option available for both the Pro and Free versions of Unity?

Absolutely, yes it is!

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