It’s that time of year again where we open up submissions for the Unity Awards! Submissions will be open from now until June 30, 2014.

If you’ve created something awesome with Unity in the past year, whether it’s a game or some other interactive experience, we’d love to hear about it. All you have to do is head to the submission portal and click the link at the bottom that will start the process.

Submit your project for the Unity Awards now!

For those unfamiliar, the Unity Awards are held each year during the Unite conference to recognize the most impressive creations made using Unity. This year, the conference is taking place on August 20-22 in Seattle and the Awards ceremony itself will take place on August 21 at McCaw Hall. Read more about the conference and grab tickets at our Unite site.

This year, we’re changing the voting process slightly While the nomination committee here at Unity still look through the hundreds of projects submitted and narrow them down to six finalists in each category, we’re going to open up voting to the community for all categories. Community votes will account for 50% of the total vote with Unity employees accounting for the other 50%. This will be the same for all categories except for the Community Choice, which the community will account for 100% of the votes. General voting will begin in July 2014.

The categories this year include:

Best 3D Visual Experience – Submissions for this category will be judged based on artistic merit including thematic and stylistic cohesion, creativity, and/or technical skill.

Best 2D Visual Experience – Submissions for this category will be judged based on artistic merit including thematic and stylistic cohesion, creativity, and/or technical skill.

Best Gameplay – Intuitive control, innovation, creativity, complexity, and fun are what make games enjoyable and entertaining–we’re looking for games that excel in one or all of these areas.

Best VizSim Project – Unity projects come in all shapes and sizes; this year we’re looking for projects that have some real world grounded applications for visualization, simulation, and training.

Best Non-game Project – Unity-authored products that fall outside of games or VIzSim including projects such as art, advertising, interactive books and comics, digital toys, interactive physical installations, and informational programs will want to submit for this award.

Best Student Project – This award is for projects (games or otherwise) worked on by students currently being completed as part of the curriculum of an educational institution. Projects will be judged based on creativity, technical merit, and overall artistic cohesion among graphics, sound, and presentation.

Technical Achievement – Any project that provides an excellent example of technical excellence in Unity including but not limited to graphics, scripting, UI, and/or sound.

Community Choice – This category will be voted on by the community of game developers and represents the favorites of the community across the board.

Golden Cube (best overall) – This award is for the best overall project made with Unity in the last year. Everything from technical achievement and visual styling to sound production and level of fun will be taken into account to choose an overall winner.


Of course, there are some rules for submission that you’ll need to know, so here they are:

  • Only Unity-authored projects are eligible for nomination.
  • Projects must have been released from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 to be eligible with the exception of student project submissions which must have been part of the coursework in the 2013-2014 school year.
  • Any projects nominated for previous years of the Unity Awards are ineligible for the 2014 Unity Awards with the exception of projects that were previously student work and have since turned into finished commercial projects.
  • Games currently in early access programs that not considered “final” products by June 30, 2014 will not be accepted to the 2014 Unity Awards.
  • Individuals or teams are welcome to enter multiple projects so long as they adhere to all other rules.

So submit those projects, tell your friends that release games this last year to submit their projects, and keep your eyes out in July for another announcement that community voting has begun. We’re really looking forward to seeing all of your submissions!

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